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Are you looking for a Medical Alert Alarm?

Medical alert devices are great ways to make sure your loved ones are always within reach of emergency medical attention. These lifelines are truly a gift from God. Imagine having fallen and not being able to reach the phone. These alert devices can instantly alert medical and emergency personal of your need. There are many medical alert and alarm devices. Which one is right for you?

Is a Cordless Phone a Good Medical Alarm?

Cordless phones are certainly useful, however, they are no substitute for a proper medical alert alarm. The proper alarm is wearable and only uses power to alert the main unit (that is plugged in). This way the device is always available in the event of an emergency. Cordless phones can go out of range or have their batteries fail.

What is a Medical Emergency?

A medical emergency could be chest pains, a heart attack, falling and not being able to get up. Any physical emergency requiring emergency response from first responders, such as police, fire departments and ambulances.


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