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Medical Alarms:

How Medical Alarms Work and Provide a Lifeline

A medical alarm provides a senior or others a device to reach immediate help in the event of an emergency. Basically, when the wearer needs help, they push the button. This button is a wireless transmitter that activates a receiver box that is plugged into the wall and into a phone line.

This receiver box then immediately calls the medical alarm monitoring company and puts the room on a conference call with the monitoring company. In the event the wearer is not near the receiver box, or unable to speak, the monitoring company will summon help immediately.

The wearer of the medical monitoring device can share with the monitoring company what type of assistance they are looking for and the monitoring company will contact the appropriate people and make the necessary arrangements.

If the need is for medical attention, most monitoring companies have the ability to share the wearer's medical information (things like medical history, medications, dosages and emergency numbers). This can be vital to the emergency responders.


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