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Medical Alarms:

Questions to Ask a Medical Alarm Company?

When choosing a medical alarm provider here are a few items to look for:

Make sure you do some research and don’t just settle for one with the lowest price. Things to look for in the medical alarm company:

    • How fast is the response?
    • Do they provide 24/7 monitoring?
    • Does the console have a rechargeable battery?
    • Is the console attached to your existing phone line?
    • What if the phone is busy during an emergency?
    • Is the wireless transmitter waterproof?
    • Is there a guarantee on parts, labor, and services?
    • How far can the transmitter communicate with the console? 
    • What is the monthly fee?
    • How is the response team trained? 
    • Any other charges. Setup, Activation, or Termination Fees?
    • How reliable is the response teams equipment, computer systems?

    A medical alarm can save your life and this is an important decision. Make sure you throughly research the provider.


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